Huan the Faithful Middle Earth Hunting Dog

Huan the Faithful Middle Earth Hunting Dog

JRR Tolkien created Hound with his inspiration from a dog who understands its owner. Likewise, the Middle Earth Legendary often presents images of hunting dogs. With his wild imagination in telling fantasy works that cannot be thought by everyone.

Hound is a hunting dog who has a very fierce character and is loyal to the important characters in it. Dogs are indeed animals that understand best about human feelings. Huan is a hunting dog who has a body the size of a horse and never gets tired. Setia with Lúthien in hunting, Huan also has a duty to help Baren. It is undeniable that the figure of a dog is a symbol of loyalty.

Huan is a hunting dog belonging to Celegorm who is the son of Fëanor. At the time when Fëanor and his sons rebelled, Huan continued to follow him as well as Nargothrond. At that time Celegorm and also his brother arrested Lúthien. Huan felt sad, in the end, chose to accompany Lúthien on a mission to escape to find Baren.

huan the haunted dog

Huan Character Depiction in Tolkien’s Legendary

The figure of a Huan undergoes slight changes with the passage of Tolkien’s own manuscript. This is evidenced by all that is told in the History of Middle Earth of the Mythology. In other words, it is a rough account of The Silmarillion story.

Huan in his story is referred to as the Lord of Dongs who has no master. However, in controlling the southern territory to the east of Ivrin. A feature that is still very much attached to the prophecy tells of the death caused by a giant wolf.

In 1925, Tolkien’s consistently written The Lay of Leithian had a story about Lúthien and Beren, while Huan was pictured as belonging to Celegorm. Huan at that time was described as a mighty animal that had abilities above other dogs.

Huan’s specialty as Celegrom’s pet was unable to create complete trust in him. At the time Lúthien is depicted in a slump. Huan sensed this and began to try to protect him from Curufin’s attacks. Curufin is an Elf who has one of the three gifts in speaking to invite Lúthien to save Beren.

Stories About Celegorm and Huan Created By Mathia Arkoniel

One of the chapters that tells about Huan as a brave and loyal animal is in this section. When The Lay of Leithian, Lúthien, was trying to heal Beren’s wound, Huan bravely helped and looked for medicinal leaves. A description of the medicinal leaf can be found in the section of the verse regarding the protrusion of medicinal leaf searching ability.

The description does not appear about the ending of The Silmarillion, but all descriptions of Hu are clearly recorded. Undoubted privilege for Huan to have great confidence in Lúthien,

When Celegrom and Curufin had a bad intention towards Lúthien, Huan did not hesitate to attack them. The most surprising thing was, when Sauron tried to attack Lúthien and Beren, Huang bravely finished him off.

Huan used his second ability to speak. He said Luthien had to go into the gates of Morgoth to get Silmari’s jewels. He had to use his magic, at that moment Beren had to disguise himself as Sauron’s slave who had a form like a giant bat.

Stories About Luthien Selamat Karna Huan, by Ted Nasmith

As a legendary hunting dog in Tolkien mythology. A true hunter is not a very rare domestic animal. All you need to know, Huan which is a special animal is one of Oromë’s hunting dogs.

In this mythology has the largest Vala with the title The Great Huntsman. Traveling around using horses in hunting against the dark creatures created by Morgoth. Because of his lineage, Huan has some pretty special things that no other hunting dog can have.

The image Tolkien gave Huan was indeed very similar to the hunting dog Oromë in The Silmarillion. Some of the depictions of dogs are the same as mythology written by the legendary.

Surely Huan was not the same as the hell guard dog, Cerberus. This great dog has a noble figure. Cannot be categorized as evil or good, and has a task in a group. Of course, this is what makes Huan different from other hunting dogs.

The example most identical to Oromë and the dog that is probably into The Mabinogion. In Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, the dog appears as Arawn’s pet. It can be said that the Oromë dog, is a loyal animal of arwan in hunting activities every day.

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