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Inspiration of JRR Tolkien in The Hobbit

Inspiration of JRR Tolkien in The Hobbit

The Hobbit is one of JRR Tolkien’s famous essays. The departure of Tolkien, who became a legend, his name has always been a figure that will not be forgotten. This legend is indeed one with a fantasy imagination that is quite extreme.

After the success of his first book entitled ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, Tolkien in an interview revealed the reasons at the time of writing the novel entitled “The Hobbit”. In the first line of the book “The Hobbit”. He wrote a book that has a fantasy about the life of hobbits that live in the ground in the world of Middle Earth.

As the results revealed on the BBC, Tolkien recounted one day while on a visit to Oxford. He sat in a garden accompanied by a bottle of beer. Shady green plants that are occupied by the living things that are in it.

That life makes how they can interact with human life. An everyday scene that gives rise to ideas for making the story. It is indeed a very extraordinary thing to create a story that is beyond human reason.

The Beginning of The Hobbit Story

The story begins with the discovery of a magic ring. By the time Bilbo Baggin had many adventures in Middle Earth, he had many friends with the elves. The people in the story are told a race that was superior before humans existed.

You elves and dwarves are a fictional world in that city. This fantasy novel was published from 1954 to 1955. In his book written by JRR Tolkien, he received a lot of good comments given by many people. Therefore, with time, these books continued to be developed.

The three books are successful books at the same time as the film. Tolkien wrote it survived 12 years, starting from 1937-1949. One of the books was printed on a large scale on a large scale. Translated into 38 languages. This successful book with his work of fiction made Tolkien one of the greatest fiction writers in history.

The Legend’s Writing Career Doesn’t End

The legendary writing career does not stop there. New works continued to be launched by Tolkien. Tolkien is a person with a super imagination who writes fictional stories written in the style of a children’s storyteller. It is a writing style by a great writer that is unlike any other genre writer.

Of course, this is an attraction which is used as a force in drawing the reader into the storyline. Many of the box office producers want to turn this great story into a feature film. However, not many people get this,

The film, which was taken from his imagination, was originally a very deep controversy. However, in line with the development of time. Tolkien’s novel is one of the books recorded in history as the best book of fiction.

JRR Tolkien, who is a fan of this superhero, is one of the things you can learn from. However, not many people realize that the fantasy made by him can be the best work of all time.

Tolkien’s Best Novel Recommendations

Perhaps many of you are fans of JRR Tolkien’s novels? Surely the author of this novel is someone who has a book with a cool essay. On this occasion we will give you 2 book titles that you should read too. Let’s just go to the discussion.

  • The Silmarillion
    It is a book released in 1977. After four years Tolkien’s death did not succeed in completing the book. Leaving 70 boxes containing manuscripts and collections of manuscripts as well as letters and poetry that was not well arranged. A book that contains the point of view of an ELF in his predecessor novel. Using the point of view of the Elf race which shows the gray side of the race that is not introduced in the Hobbit book and also the LOTR trilogy. In a joint interview with Christopher Tolkien said that he would never permit anyone to make a film from the book.
  • The Children of Hurin

After you read the book, you can continue reading, entitled The Children of Hurin. Almost like the book Silmarillion, a book that Tolkien had not been able to finish in his lifetime. As a child who inherited knowledge of writing, Christopher continued the book and published it in 2007. This story takes a point of view from a boy who comes from Hurin. At that time Hurin was defeated against Morgoth.

Of course, there are still a lot of novels written by JRR Tolkien which are very fun to read. However, the 2 readings above are recommended books that you should read in order to have fun. Happy fantasizing and in into the story line.