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Tag: Tips for Reading JRR Tolkien's Novel The Silmarillion

Tips for Reading JRR Tolkien’s Novel The Silmarillion

Tips for Reading JRR Tolkien’s Novel The Silmarillion

The Silmarillion is one of JRR Tolkien’s writings that had not been completed during his lifetime. Many readers of his writings should start from The Hobbit and the new LOTR The Silmarillion or vice versa. The novel by JRR Tolkien, which has been circulated and has been translated into Indonesian, is no less exciting than the original language.

A novel written by JRR Tolkien in English is no less exciting. The narrative in the book uses grammar like the fantasy book we have known before. With the complete dialogue of life expressed in this novel.

Even though it is a history of the formation of the Middle earth world, we recommend reading later. Apart from being circulated, of course this one story is aimed after the previous book has been read. The goal of making this novel is certainly a novel series that attracts many pairs of eyes on the face of the earth. a

Silmarillion has a heavier style of language this way it can take your breath away. In other words, novels using English are not common for readers. On this occasion, we will try to summarize a little of an easy way so that you can use it to read novels that attract readers’ fantasies, let’s just discuss it.

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Tips for Reading Novel The Silmarillion

This novel is definitely one of the challenges for you to be faced by a reader. The original language of the reading book that has been translated may change the style and content and character of a novel. At first many people thought that this book was not an interesting book.

The reading method in this novel uses biblical language. Biblical is a word that is uttered when reading a book compared to a novel. If you’ve read The Hobbit book, when you start getting into The Silmarillion it will feel even more complicated to understand it. Without further ado, we will provide a few tips that you can use to read The Silmarillion.

  • Habits in Reading Novel The Silmarillion
    Certainly as a beginner reader, the big challenges you will face at this time. However, a story with a cool storyline challenge must pass to get pleasure while reading. When you get used to reading this novel, it will be quite interesting to know the storyline.
  • Read Previous Novels
    To be able to start reading the novel The Silmarillion, of course, you must first read the storyline beforehand. Although this is the beginning of the formation of the planet Middle Earth, readers are required to know the essence of the problem of the first reading.
  • Alternative Reading Jump
    Reading alternatively skipping reading is the best way to understand the storyline. It is helpful to start reading the sections Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age. In this final chapter, the reader will find many examples of the most important aspects of this novel.
  • Take note of character names
    This method is the best way you can do to get the important things in it. At the back of the novel, there is a pedigree of the family tree as the main character in it. When you are curious about a character, you can search for it on an internet site.

As a novel reader wherever you are, maybe you think this is a trivial matter. The Silmarillion, for the first time, made a small thing a lesson about the basics of an accuracy system. As a human being, of course, being grateful is an important thing because beauty has been provided in a fantasy story.

Created With a Backward Groove from the Whole

The novel created by JRR Tolkien as a whole is an essay with a backward plot. Backward plot is a storyline made from back to front. Usually a writer will provide fantasy or conflict at the beginning of the story.

The predecessor novel tells about the beginning of a life in a tree. The point of view taken from a life story of a hobbit.

In the third novel, the three are taken from the point of view of a living elf and became the forerunner to the formation of the Middle earth or the earth in the middle.
Because of that the importance of understanding the first and second novels is a mandatory requirement in reading the novel The Silmarillion.

Of course, the experience of bringing out fantasies in fantasy novels is the purpose of reading. Here are the tips and tricks that we provide, hopefully you can use it in reading this legendary novel.